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Christian von Saint Paul

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Aktuelle Videosequenzen mit Ausschnitten aus Trainingseinheiten.

"Vielen Dank für das erfolgreiche Teamtraining, das Sie mit unserer Niederlassung München durchführten. Bereits in den Vorgesprächen und den Erstinterviews, die Sie mit den Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern durchführten, zeigte sich die Professionalität Ihres Konzeptes. Im Workshop selbst gelang es Ihnen innerhalb kurzer Zeit eine sehr vertrauensvolle Atmosphäre zu schaffen und die Teilnehmer zu einer aktiven und kreativen Teilnahme zu motivieren. Wie unsere Mitarbeiter bestätigen, konnten sie viele Anregungen und Impulse in den Arbeitsalltag integrieren und mit spürbarem Erfolg anwenden. Mit gestärktem Selbstvertrauen hat jeder von ihnen die Verantwortung für die gemeinsam erarbeiteten Teamziele sowie die Verpflichtung auf die individuellen Ziele übernommen."  


herzliche Grüße

Elisabeth Schirra

Bankhaus Lampe KG




As part of Personal and Professional Development at Globe Business College Munich Ms. Stephanie Coleman and Mr. Christian von Saint Paul from School of Life were running in April and May 2014 charisma and performance as well as personality development training.



“The school of Life helped me improve my speaking and my self- confidence. It was a little bit difficult at first, even though I knew how to speak in front of many people.


This time, however, it was different because it was more professional. The exercises to present myself and show what I can do helped me a lot. I did not know how well I could speak when I stop thinking, relax and enjoy the moment.


The support from Mrs. Stephanie Coleman and Mr. Christian von Saint Paul helped me to get out of my comfort zone. I learned to speak slower, become more focused and start to believe in myself. At the end of the training, everyone could follow my words easily and I was able to get my point across clearly. I am very proud of the work I have done with the help of Mrs. Stephanie Coleman and Mr. Christian St. Paul.


Thank you very much Mrs. Stephanie Coleman and Mr. Christian St. Paul for your support and seeing the potential, which is in me and helping me to find it. The training has taught me excellent techniques that I can use to better deal with speaking in public.”


Sophia La Cour



“I would not have expected that School of Life would be able to improve my confidence to speak in front of other people to this extent. Being confronted with very unusual exercises it made me at first doubt, that this seminar would be helpful. However, Ms. Stephanie Coleman and Mr. Christian von Saint Paul proved me absolutely wrong. By being patient and very professional, the two helped me improve my presentational skills in a way, I simply was not expecting. I am now able to step out of my comfort zone and actually enjoy presenting. Thanks to the things I learned at School of Life, I have an internship at a reputable company and I am looking forward to putting my newfound confidence to work in the future. I feel blessed that I got the opportunity to work with Ms. Stephanie Coleman and Mr. Christian Saint Paul!”

Alexander Schindler


“A short time ago, I was too relaxed and not at all energetic, when I had presentations. My presentations were the standard and tiring presentations everybody hates; I never realised this.


When I had my first coaching session, the first remarks made were that I have to stand taller and bring more energy into my presentations. The coaches started working with me and I was focused on those two key aspects and how to start and end a presentation.


I successfully learned to stand tall and bring movement and a much more energetic voice into my presentations. In addition, the presentations I had after the coaching session were more structured and much more interesting to listeners. The experience of having such sessions will help me until the end of my life and help me to stand more confident and prepared in front of a crowd.” 

Adrian von Beissel





GBCM Guest Lecture Review:
Stephanie Coleman & Christian von Saint Paul of "School of Life for Business"


On March 6th 2013, Ms. Stephanie Coleman and Mr. Christian von Saint Paul gave a fascinating presentation on the subject "Mastering public appearance and performance on the power of the first impression and the charismatic approach".


The students took part in role-plays and exercises intended to enhance self-confidence, interaction with others and public speaking.


Our students said:


"It was very interesting to learn about how important certain factors are for a personal presentation such as the voice, tone, words, clothing, confidence, enthusiasm. It is also important to know 'what to do' (how to dress, what to say and how to say it) and 'what not to do' (what to avoid, or mistakes to prevent)"
Christopher Schnick – Undergraduate student


"This guest lecture was one of the best we had. We all got very much involved and it was more about ourselves and how to approach companies instead of a focus on the company itself. Additionally, I really liked the new things we found out about our own personalities"
Aylin Hilken – Undergraduate student


"This guest lecture was fantastic! It motivated me to approach my opportunities in a new way. Thanks to their great teaching and performances, I acquired new exotic options in personal decision making"
Andrej Kirchner – Undergraduate student


Globe Business College Munich would like to thank Ms. Coleman and Mr. von Saint Paul for this interactive session and their charismatic approach!